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There are some requirements that a module needs to fullfil before it can be published to npm. For example, you’ll need a main field in your package.json https://docs.npmjs.com/about-packages-and-modules. Plus, Angular is running typescript, which requires some extra steps to compile it to javascript. So it is easier to use ng-packagr to help with the process.

This is based on my published ItemsTextBox angular component in npm https://www.npmjs.com/package/items-text-box, repository available on github - https://github.com/thecodinganalyst/NgItemsTextBox.

Documenting my steps over here:

  1. Install ng-packagr in the devDependencies
    npm install ng-packagr --save-dev
  2. Create the ng-package.json file in the top folder with the following content.
      "$schema": "./node_modules/ng-packagr/ng-package.schema.json",
      "lib": {
     "entryFile": "public_api.ts"
  3. Create the public_api.ts file in the top folder with the following content.

    Note that the path should link to the module.ts file, but you omit the .ts extension. In the below example, the module which I want to publish is not the main app.module.ts, but i created a module in the modules folder.

    export * from './src/app/modules/item-text-box/item-text-box.module';
  4. Create the packagr command in the package.json (so that you can easily run the ng-packagr to build your npm compatible package), and set the private property to false
    "scripts": {
     "ng": "ng",
     "start": "ng serve",
     "build": "ng build",
     "test": "ng test",
     "lint": "ng lint",
     "e2e": "ng e2e",
     "packagr": "ng-packagr -p ng-package.json"
  5. Run the packagr command, to package the module you want to publish into the dist folder.
    npm run packagr
  6. Go into the dist folder, and npm pack to create the tar ball for distribution.
    cd dist
    npm pack
  7. Create an account on https://www.npmjs.com/ if you haven’t. Login to your npm account from the command line.
    npm login
  8. Publish your module, then head over to your npm page to see the updates.
    npm publish